Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nourish Your Vision

Want a beautiful and bright eyes?Then nourish and fulfill the eyes supplement.Here there the tips!

Carrots for night vision,vitamin E for better eyesight,or brocoli for brigthers?A lot of claims are appearing for foods and vitamins to boost your health,but which really work?

The eyes need vitamin A to make a pigments that absorb light.So for good night visions,eats a lots of carrots and sweet potatoes for betacarotene, a precursor form of vitamin A.Other rich sources of vitamin A include fish and full cream dairy products.

The antioxidants properties of vitamin C and E may help slow the progression of cataracts.Try nuts and seeds for vitamin E and citrus fruit and brocoli for doses of vitamin C.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two dominant pigments found in the macula of the eye which may filter out some of the harmful light that can damage the retina.Lutein is in leafy green vegetables and egg yolk.While zeaxanthin is in greens,red capsicum and corn.

Zinc can also slow age-related macular degeneration,so maintain your intake of this nutrient through seafood,meat,poultry and beans.


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