Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Longevity Secret

Explorer and longevity researcher Dan Buettner studied the places where people live the longest

  • Sardinia
  • Italy
  • Okinawa,Japan
  • Nicoya,Costa Rica
  • Loma Linda,California

According to his book "The Blue Zone" shares the tips from thelong-lived residents. "There's no supplement that can reverse aging" he says.But avoiding processed foods,making famili a priority,cutting calories by 20 percent and getting on scale daily may slow it down.Also vital: reducing stress. Here's how:

  1. Meditate:Sit in quiet spacce and focus on the skin below your nose and above your lip.Feel the sensation of your breathing.Aim for 15 minute a day,building up to an hour.
  2. Get Personal: Write a personal mission statement.It helps you develop your purpose in life, a factor that contributes to longevity
  3. Do Yoga: "Its an ideal exercise as you get older,when joint health is especially important",Buettner says.


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