Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cholestrol:Myth vs Reality

Myth:Cholestrol is inherently bad.
Reality: All mammals need cholestrol to survive.

Myth:High cholestrol is dangerous.
Reality: High cholestrol is not a problem by itself. But an unfavorable ratio of "good" to "bad" cholestrol,along with factors such as your weight,the amount of exercise you get, and your family health history could be trouble.

Myth:Peolple who have hearts attacks have high cholestrol.
Reality:Although high cholestrol is a significant risk factor in heart disease,some people develop hearts disease and have heart attacks even though their chlestrol levels are normal or even low.

Myth: You must cut out cholestrol-containing foods if you are to lower your blood cholestrol levels.
Reality: Cholestrol in the blood comes from you diet but also from the cholestrol your liver makes. In fact, you liver makes far more cholestrol than you eat. So cutting back the dietary cholestrol may have little effect.

Myth: I should avoid eggs to maintain a healthy cholestrol level.
Reality: Several published studies show that an egg and two a day has little effect on people with normal cholestrol levels.

Myth: If I follow a low-fat diet and exercise a lot,my cholestrol levels will go down.
Reality: Some people's genetic make-ups mean that lifestyle changes alone-no matter how rigorously they followed -won't be enough to bring cholestrol levels into save zone.These people will require medication in addition to lifestyle changes.

Myth: Young people don't have high cholestrol.
Reality: Everyone from age 20 up should have their cholestrol measured.Studies have shown that plaque can build up in the arteries that supplies blood to the heart as early as the late teens.


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