Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Studies have confirm that children genetically inherit the characteristic of parent, also include health. In simple term is whatever  health problems we have, chances they to will have it in their blood. Many of us know this, but what are we doing to maximize their chances of having a healthy life.

Do we educate them on a healthy lifestyle from small, do we teach them on the having the right and proper diet and do we give and educate them to take nutrition, like fruits, vegetables and etc... The answer is NO, We exposed them to cigarette and pollution, exposed them to radiation from video games, computer and even handphone, and the diet are always compromise with fast food and sundays are spent at shopping mall rather then them to picnics in recreational gardens.

Lets us start knowing and practice 3 basic pillars of health, so we could educate and turn it to a positive habits as they grow older.


  • LIFESTYLE    -  regular exercise,  reduce exposure to pollution, reduce stress                         level, proper sleep, reduce exposure to sun and etc...    
  • DIET             -  Proper balance Menu on their daily meals.
  • NUTRITION   -  Fruit juices with every meals, fruits, vegetables, milk and kid                         suppliment if you could effort it.
Start practice this basic principle of healthy lifestyle together with your children and you will feel the changes in them.

next posting will tell you why this 3 pillars is crucial to your child and you...


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